paid advertising


this package is designed to

Increase foot traffic, client bookings, and monthly sales revenue for your business


Here's how we'll make it happen.

Deploy Paid Advertising

  • Create geo-targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Build geo-targeted Google Adwords campaigns (SEM)
  • Manage and optimize all digital advertising spend

Develop Brand Awareness

  • Coordinate promotional efforts with local/national influencers
  • Design flyers & signs to promote your business
  • Provide local awareness & optimization tactics for social media

Conduct Local Search Engine Optimization

  • Analyze, claim, and correct online business listings

  • Configure and enhance Google "My Business" profile

  • Provide strategic template for responding to customer reviews

Implement Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • Develop and execute comprehensive online advertising plan

  • Provide in-depth competitive analysis for your market

  • Expand geographic footprint for customer base


2-month process

Learn & Prepare.png


Learn & Prepare

We'll spend the first two weeks of our partnership crafting, configuring, and gearing up for attacking your goals. 


Weeks 3-6

All-Out Execute

Weeks 3-6 are when it all goes down. We'll launch our initiatives with full force and push towards our objectives.

Measure & Double Down.png

Weeks 7-8

Measure & Double-Down

Our last two weeks are a time for reflection. We'll figure out what worked and go all-in to elevate your success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I sign up for this package?

Head over to our get started page, submit your information, and book an intro call with us. Once we confirm that we're a good fit for partnership, we'll roll forward with the process. We're so excited to work with you!

+ What do I need to qualify for this package?

All you need to have is the availability to jump on a weekly call and an open mind! The rest will come from us.

+ What deliverables does this package include?

In addition to our services, you're guaranteed to receive at least 2 custom designed flyers, 1 custom designed sign, and 1 written marketing strategy document over the course of the agreement. However, these numbers can be adjusted based on where you'd like us to focus and your agreement term.

+ Who will I be working with?

We're a two-person squad here at Torchform, so you'll be working directly with Gary and Carrie throughout the process!

+ How do payments work?

The package fee will be charged on a monthly basis prior to the current month's work. Your first payment will be due upon contract signature.

+ Can I cancel the package after getting started?

All Torchform packages are non-cancellable and non-refundable due to our signifcant time investment in your project.

+ What results will this package produce?

Our results vary based on client and industry, but we guarantee that you'll see a meaningful surge in your foot traffic and in-store sales revenue by the end of month 2.

+ How long will it take to see results?

Due to the optimization process involved with digital advertising, this package will begin to show measurable results during weeks 4-8. Overall, the customer surge package is designed to grow your in-store sales revenue over the course of the agreement and beyond.