ECOMMERCE optimization


this package is designed to

Increase site traffic, conversion rate, and ecommerce sales volume for your business


Here's how we'll make it happen.

Optimize Your Website

  • Modify site design to accelerate product sales

  • Implement SEO best practices to increase site traffic

  • Boost on-site email acquisition through forms & popups

Create Effective Content

  • Configure automated abandoned cart emails for customers
  • Craft custom template for effective product descriptions
  • Design custom site banners and collection images 

Configure Online Sales Tools

  • Install sales-boosting site add-ons and settings
  • Link online store to Facebook Shop and Instagram
  • Set up in-depth website analytics tools

Implement Ecommerce Growth Strategy

  • Analyze site data to find opportunities for growth

  • Provide guidance on promotion and clearance strategy 

  • Manage active conversion rate optimization process


2-month process

Learn & Prepare.png

weeks 1-2

Optimize & Prepare

We'll spend the first two weeks of our partnership learning about your business and modifying your site.


weeks 3-6

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Our inbound strategies kick in during weeks 3-6. We'll go live with your new content and drive traffic to your site. 

Measure & Double Down.png


Crunch the Numbers

Our last two weeks are all about using data to find opportunities for sales growth and continuing the positive momentum.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I sign up for this package?

Head over to our get started page, submit your information, and book an intro call with us. Once we confirm that we're a good fit for partnership, we'll roll forward with the process. We're so excited to work with you!

+ What platform do you offer this package on?

We currently offer the Ecommerce Boost package on Shopify.

+ What do I need to qualify for this package?

All you need to have is a current Shopify store, the availability to jump on a weekly call, and an open mind! The rest will come from us.

+ What deliverables does this package include?

In addition to our services, you're guaranteed to receive at least 2 custom-designed email newsletters, 2 in-depth blog posts, and 15 killer product descriptions over the course of the agreement. However, these numbers can be adjusted based on where you'd like us to focus and your agreement term.

+ Who will I be working with?

We're a two-person squad here at Torchform, so you'll be working directly with Gary and Carrie throughout the process!

+ How do payments work?

The package fee will be charged on a monthly basis prior to the current month's work. Your first payment will be due upon contract signature.

+ Can I cancel the package after getting started?

All Torchform packages are non-cancellable and non-refundable due to our signifcant time investment in your project.

+ What results will this package produce?

Our results vary based on client and industry, but we guarantee that you'll see a meaningful boost in your monthly ecommerce sales volume by the end of month 3.

+ How long will it take to see results?

Our configuration-related services will make an impact during the first month, while our creative services are intended to show measurable results during months 2-3. Overall, this package is designed to grow your ecommerce sales volume over the course of the agreement and beyond.

+ Do you offer digital advertising?

Yes! We can certainly add digital advertising to your ecommerce boost package (and definitely recommend it!). Select "custom package" from the dropdown on our get started page and write "ecommerce boost + digital advertising" in the message to learn more about this setup.